Well, it took a few weeks but MARTA did reply to at least one of my emails with questions about the Breeze system. It should be noted that the reply came from the main MARTA site and not the Breeze card site whose information and analysis handled by an outside contractor. In any case, below is the answer to one of my concerns as answered the helpful and friendly Mr. Poeling of www.itsmarta.com.

Me: How will MARTA handle transfers from Rail to adjoining bus services? Example riding the MARTA rail to the airport and then boarding a CTRAN bus? Or transferring from the Rail to a CCT bus? Currently paper transfers are issued when you leave the terminal. How will this process be handled under the Breeze system? The Breeze web site is unclear on this matter. Thank you.

Poeling: To specifically answer your question, upon tapping a card electronic transfers will be placed on the card. The number of transfers is configurable, we will be testing the system with 3 transfers to be used within 4 hours.

Four hours sounds perfectly reasonable to me. It hedges out reselling and transfer fraud but allows plenty of “padding” in case of commuter delays, bus/rail malfunction and commuter sidetrips (restrooms, snacks, shopping, etc).

My thanks again for replying to my inquires!