It’s been coming for so long that I can’t really claim surprise. And yet, I still find myself slipping into moments of denial. More than once in the last few weeks I caught myself making plans for getaways and rendezvous that could not be. Although it’s agony to imagine the changes this will bring, I know that leaving is good on so many levels. It represents opportunities that are long overdue and well deserved. I won’t sour a single note in our song with jealousy or selfishness, just a touch of sadness. And that sadness fades quickly and completely when compared to the wonder that lays ahead. Distance will be a challenge, but one that can be faced easily when you know what is at the end of that journey. Never have I been prouder, happier and more hopeful for you. Your words today will echo inside me every time I think of you as the weeks and months pass. While my body remains, my thoughts are with you.