It only took the local avian mafia a few days to figure out the bird feeder I put up last week. Territories have shifted a bit and my patio now appears to be contested space between three pairs of birds as well as the occasional stranger. The most aggressive and possessive of these belongs to a pair I call the Sopranos. I believe that, Tony, the male is a House Finch (Carpodacus mexicanus) which are not uncommon city dwellers in the southeast. He only tolerates his mate at the feeder, and even then generally only if she feeds from the other side. Any other visitors, are generally forced to wait till they are done.

Picture and more after the cut.


Other guests include a striking small black & white bird, who is occasionally accompanied by another similar-shaped but mottled brown bird (either a mate or they’re just more tolerant than the Sopranos) and third pair which I think might be wrens or thrushes. They are all quite difficult to photography, since my presence near the porch causes them retreat into the cover of a nearby oak tree and call loudly until I leave their feeder to them.