It’s a very popular trope in gaming.  What sort of possession does your potential hero or adventure find in his collection of items to start his or her career of adventure?  Veteran roleplayers may recall the likes of “iron rations”, a few torches, a waterskin and your weapon of choice.  Others might be limited to a Towel and Sub-Etha Sense-o-Matic. Anything more, and you’re consigned to mugging various monsters, smashing open virtual crates or getting a job.

What if residents of real world cities started the same way. What sort of things would they find in their collection of gear to help them best fit into their respective cities?

Your starting gear for various cities.


  • Sporty Weather-Proof Jacket
  • Messenger Bag
  • Dog
  • Coffee Mug
  • Bike, Kayak or Snowboard
  • REI Membership


  • Lyric Sheet to “Georgia on My Mind”
  • Season Pass to Six Flag or Stone Mountain
  • ITP (“Inside the Perimeter”) Mailing Address
  • Obama Bumpersticker & GOP Registration Card
  • Laminated Waffle House Menu (suitable for framing)
  • Industrial Strength Insect Repellent
  • Map (all streets labeled Peachtree, all navigation from “The Big Chicken”)

Los Angeles

  • Bottle of Percoset, Economy-Sized
  • Annual Super Saver Car Wash Pass
  • Designer Mobile Phone
  • Gym Membership (with discount on Plastic Surgery)
  • SAG card and/or Undistributed Screenplay

New York

  • Novelty Parking Pass & Driver’s License
  • Subway Card, Subway Map & Ebola Suit
  • 1000 Yard Stare
  • Vanity Business Cards
  • “I <3 New York” or “New Jersey Sucks” t-shirt