Geotagging photos taken on a GPS Camera phone is so yesterday.  I want the ability to geotag photos taken with my REAL digital camera using the physically separate GPS located in the G1 Android phone.  Something like this is already available with various desktop application that use small key-fob or puck GPS (like the ATP GPS Photofinder, GPIsync, etc).  Basically, these techniques use a running GPS track log and carefully synced timestamps between the two devices to match up and write data to the pictures meta-data (EXIF tags) later.

However, I want at least that functionality built into an on-board application for the Android platform and accompanying desktop wooju as well.

Really want to impress me?  Make it work in REAL TIME using the G1’s built-in WiFi functionality along with an SD capable digital camera equipped with an EyeFi SD Card (an SD memory card that fits in most digital cameras using the SD format, which then gives the camera built in WiFi functionality).

There’s the gauntlet, Android Developers.  Make me a customer.  :-)